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Solved: Pen Drive Showing Less Space

How to fix a pen drive 32 GB showing only 128 MB of total space?

I faced one problem with a pen drive. I have a 32 GB pen drive and it is empty. But it is showing only 128 MB of total space. I got surprised. Why so??
In this article, we will help you to fix the pen drive showing less space.

Why USB Drive Showing Less Disk Space

Possible cause of showing lesser space in flash drive is showing below.

  • Computer Virus
  • Suddenly remove a flash drive

Step 1: Solution To Pen Drive Showing Less Space Than Actual

1. Open the command prompt on windows with administrator privileges.
2. Type diskpart and press Enter.

diskpart command
diskpart command

3. Next step is to type list disk. Choose USB disk which needs to be formatted. For example, here USB drive connected to the system is Disk 2. You can identify it by checking the size column.

Pen Drive showing less space
Pen Drive showing less space

4. Type “select disk 2”. Select the USB drive as showing in your system.

Select Pen Drive Disk
Select Pen Drive Disk

4. Type clean to format the pen drive.

5. Next step is to create ” create partition primary “.

That’s it. Now your flash drive is restored to its original disk space capacity. If you want to format it now, you can do that.

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Conclusion: You have perfectly learned how to fix the issue of en drive showing less space. For any doubt or feedback, kindly write in below comment box.


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