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How to Check Desktop Environment in Linux

How to check the desktop environment of linux from the command line??There are many methods available to...

FiX: Install FTP On Ubuntu

How to install FTP Server on Ubuntu??In this article, I will show you step by step how...

[Fix] Mysql: You must reset your password using ALTER USER statement

I reset the mysql user password. It is asking for reset your password using ALTER USER statement before executing this statement.

{LAB} FTP: 530 Login Incorrect Error

Created FTP user on Ubuntu server but getting an error of login incorrect. Why??I am using the...

Webmin Web-Based Tool | Install on CentOS

Q. Manage Linux server by Webmin web-based control panel. How can I install Webmin on linux server??Most...

Difference between Microsoft Office and Office 365

Q. What is the difference between Microsoft office and O365??Microsoft Office vs O365

How to Reset MySQL 5.7 Root User Password on CentOS 7

I forget the MySQL password. How to reset the MySQL root user password??MySQL Password Reset

Lab: How To Reset MySQL 5.7 root user Password

I forget the MySQL database root user password. Help me how can I fix it??Reset MySQL...

Allow Remote Access to MySQL Database on Ubuntu

How can I take remote access to MySQL database on Ubuntu machine??MySQL db Remote Access

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