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Ubuntu Latest Release 19.04 (Disco Dingo) Features

Ubuntu released it’s latest version 19.04 (at the time of article written). What are its features??

In this article, you will get to know new features of the latest Ubuntu release 19.04. Users always expecting more user-friendly desktop version.
In the latest release, Ubuntu tried to bound users with the open source by adding some handsome features. That’s the reason Linux operating system is becoming more popular nowadays. Now it supports compatibility with many applications.
Below explained the improvements done in Disco Dingo released.

1. New Version, new wallpaper
2. Much faster performance
3. Windows close icons now set to top right corner side
4. Ship with kernel 5.0
5. Desktop icon extension added

New Release, New Wallpaper

Ubuntu 19.04 has come with new wallpaper. As you can see in the following screenshot.

Ubuntu 19.04 wallpaper
Ubuntu 19.04 wallpaper

Additionally, you can clearly see a mascot Disco Dingo in the background of the wallpaper. It’s time to party 🙂

GNOME 3.32

GNOME 3.32 release improve the system performance. It made the system much faster. Moreover, the indexing tool, tracker is also available by default. Tracker purpose is to keep the records of frequently used files on the system.

Ubuntu 19.04 System Details
Ubuntu 19.04 System Details

To Close A Window – icons on Right side corner

Linus Torvalds make this version more user friendly. In this version, you can find the window close icons on the right side. It’s more comfortable for the users who switched to Linux after windows operating system.

Close windows icon on Right side
Close windows icon on Right side

Kernel 5.0

Latest release came with kernel 5.0 version. It improves the oerformance of the Ubuntu system. You can check the kernel version by executing the following command.

uname -r
Kernel 5.0 in Ubuntu 19.04
Kernel 5.0 in Ubuntu 19.04

Desktop Icons Added

As Linux Torvalds made all efforts to make the latest Ubuntu release more user-friendly. Addition to this, now you can see the home directory on the desktop.

Desktop icon on Ubuntu 19.04
Desktop icon on Ubuntu 19.04

But still, need to add more features to make it more user-friendly. As you can find drag & drop are not working on the desktop. You can not drag any file to the desktop.

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Conclusion: It should be noted that Ubuntu 19.04 is not LTS (Long Term Support). It is only for 9 months. Now the question is should you upgrade the operating system to 19.04 or not? My recommendation for the LTS users is to keep with 18.04 release.


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