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{LAB} FTP: 530 Login Incorrect Error

Created FTP user on Ubuntu server but getting an error of login incorrect. Why??

I am using the Ubuntu server 18.04 here. I have installed an FTP server and also created an FTP user. But when I tried to connect the FTP site, gave me an error of 530 login incorrect.

Here FTP server IP is:
FTP user name: sm
Password: 123

FTP 530 login incorrectFTP 530 login incorrect

Step Followed But No Success

  1. FTP user password reset and tried to log in again. But get the same error 530 login incorrect.


1. Firstly, I would recommend you to take the backup of the original FTP configuration file.

2. Open the FTP configuration file and locate the line pam_service_name.

# sudo vi /etc/vsftpd.conf
Output of vsftpd.conf fileOutput of vsftpd.conf file

3. Change pam_service_name=vsftp to pam_service_name=ftp

4. Save the changes and close the file. Restart the FTP service once.

# sudo service vsftpd restart

5. Now, connect to FTP site and you will not get the error.

FTP login successfulFTP login successful

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Congratulations !! FTP 530 login incorrect error solved.


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