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How to Install Docker on Ubuntu 18.04 (Screenshots)

What is Docker? How to install docker on ubuntu system?

What is Docker?

Docker is a container-based application. It contains all the dependencies to run a specific application or services. To ship container on production server also easy. Moreover, it reduces the need for a virtual machine to test the applications or services.

This article will help you step by step to install docker in ubuntu 18.04 systems.

Advantages of Docker

Benefits using docker are given below.

1. Cost Saving
2. Continuous testing and deployment
3. Compatibility
4. Isolation


1. One Ubuntu 18.04 system.
2. User with Sudo privileges.

Step 1: Install Docker in ubuntu

Run the following command to install Docker community edition.

 sudo apt install docker.io 

Step 2: Start Docker Service

To start Docker service run the below command.

sudo systemctl start docker

Run the following command to start Docker service on system startup.

sudo systemctl enable docker
Start Docker Service
Start Docker Service

You can also check the installed Docker version.

docker --version

Step 3: How to Use Docker

Docker installation on the system is successful. Now the next step is to learn how to use it. Remember Docker containers run from Docker images. By default, it pulls images from the Docker hub.

Search Docker Image

The syntax for Docker image searching is “docker search <ubuntu>”

For example, to search for Ubuntu image, run the below command:

docker search ubuntu
Docker Search Image
Docker Search Image

Download Docker Image

As above command display the available ubuntu image. Choose the desired ubuntu image. Download it on the local system using pull subcommand. As shown in the below screenshot.

docker pull ubuntu
Docker Pull Ubuntu
Docker Pull Ubuntu

Run the following command to check the downloaded images on the local system.

docker images
Check downloaded images
Check downloaded images

Step 4: Run a Docker Container

Let’s launch a Docker container using the above-downloaded ubuntu image.

docker run -it ubuntu

Where -i and -t switches used to give interactive shell access.

Run Docker Container
Run Docker Container

How to exit from Docker Container

Type Ctrl+p+q to exit from the docker container.

Execute the following command to check the running container.

docker ps
check running container on the local system
check running container on the local system

Apart from it, you can also check both the containers (Active and inactive).

docker ps -a

Step 5: How To Start/Stop Docker Container

Docker container id is needed to start or stop it. You can check the docker container id from the above command i.e. docker ps

To start a container :

docker start <container-id>
Start Docker Service
Start Docker Service

To stop a container :

docker stop <container-id>

Step 6: Remove a Docker Container

First, run the ps -a command to get the container id or name. Next, run the below command to remove a container from the system.

docker rm <container-id>

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Conclusion: You have perfectly learned step by step how to install and use Docker.


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