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Install Ubuntu in Dual Mode with Windows 10

Key Points:
1. I have Windows 10 installed on the system, need to install Ubuntu (Linux) without formatting Windows 10. How ??
2. dual boot windows 10 & ubuntu.


On the machine, I have installed Windows 10 but I also need Ubuntu. For this, go with the dual windows installation method. Now one question arises here, if we do the dual installation, Ubuntu with Windows 10 then the system would be slow???
Clearly no. Since at once, just a single OS would start possibly Ubuntu or Windows 10. It will just slow down the boot time since it gives an alternative to choose the Ubuntu or Windows 10 as beginning OS.

Dual Boot InstallationDual Boot Installation

Make Ready Windows Machine for Dual-Boot

Step 1. Create free space for the installation of the Ubuntu. Go to This PC – Right Click – Manage – Disk Management.

Windows 10 ManageWindows 10 Manage

In Disk Management, if you have unallocated free space available then it’s good otherwise shrink the free space from the drive for the Ubuntu OS.

Disk ManagementDisk Management

Right click on the volume and choose shrink volume option.

Note: You will only get the shrink option available, if you have free space in the volume.

Shrink VolumeShrink Volume

Next step is to specify the amount of space to shrink in MB. As shown in the below snapshot.

Specify space to shrinkSpecify Space to Shrink

After specify the amount of space to shrink, click on the shrink. It will give you a unallocated space on the hard disk.

Unallocated SpaceUnallocated Space

Now, windows 10 is prepared for the Ubuntu installation.

Install Ubuntu

NOTE: Before going to install Ubuntu, I would suggest you take the backup of the important documents, photos, videos or files. Because the next step is to install the Ubuntu on the available free space on the hard disk but somehow you formatted another partition by mistake then you will lose your data.

1.Now, download the Ubuntu iso image from the link provided below:

2. Make the bootable USB stick or burn the DVD with the iso image with the utility like PowerISO or Rufus.

3. Run the system with the bootable device on the windows 10 system and you will get the prompt as shown below:

Install UbuntuInstall Ubuntu

4. In next step select language – click on continue. Next window will ask to install the updates, check on the updates (optional) – continue.

5. Select the installation type – choose the ‘something else‘ option. Because we will create manually partitions and choose where to install the Ubuntu OS.

Installation type in ubuntuInstallation type in ubuntu

Create Partitions for Ubuntu OS

6. In the next window, choose options carefully. If you selected another volume instead of free space volume by mistake then you will lose the data or if that was windows root volume, Windows OS would be lost. Select the free space which you have created in the windows for the Ubuntu installation. And click on ‘+’ option to create the Ubuntu partition.

Installation type in UbuntuInstallation type in Ubuntu

7. We will create the 3 partitions i.e.
a. / (root)
b. /boot
c.  /home

8. Create partition / (root), give size in MB, choose mount point /, keep other settings unchanged and click on ok.
Now again click on free space and ‘+’ and create other partitions.

Ubuntu OS partitions Ubuntu OS partitions


9. As partitions are created, now click on install now. Next prompt is showing, the swap partition is not created and it is not required because we have enough RAM (memory), click on continue.

Creating Ubuntu PartitionsCreating Ubuntu Partitions

10. Select the location and then continue. Next is to choose the keyboard layout and continue. In next window create the user account for the Ubuntu.

During Installation Create a user on UbuntuDuring Installation Create a User on Ubuntu

Now everything is ready, reboot the machine. You will see options there to choose between Ubuntu or Windows 10.

Choose Ubuntu or Windows to Start up
Choose Ubuntu or Windows to Start up

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Congratulations!!!! In this article ” dual boot windows 10 and ubuntu “system, you have perfectly learned dual boot installation.



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