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How to Check RAM Type on Linux from Command Line

I want to check RAM type (DDR3 or DDR4) from the terminal. How can I ??

Q. How to Check RAM type on Linux from Command Line?

As a system administrator, as many as the task you can make simple is better for you. Without opening the system cabinet and to know the RAM type, speed from the command line is one the simple task.

This article will let you know the dmidecode command-line utility.

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Dmidecode Command

This commands works on Unix as well as Linux systems. Result of this command shows us hardware information, BIOS serial number, RAM type, speed etc. You need to open the terminal and just run the following command.

# sudo dmidecode --type 17

As you can see the output of this command in the following snapshot.

Check RAM type on Linux 

As you can see, this command shows hardware details. Above snapshot is taken from my VirtualBox.

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Conclusion: This article tells you how to find information about RAM from Command line on Linux. For any suggestion or doubts, kindly write in the below comment box.


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