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How To Check MySQL is Running or Not

Q. My manager gave me new Linux Server for setup. How can I check MySQL server is running on the Linux server ??

It’s quite easy to check the status of the MySQL server status. Here I am showing you 2 methods.
1. From script
2. mysqladmin utility

1. From Script

On CentOS 7, run the following script to check the MySQL is running or not.

# systemctl status mysqld
mysql statusmysql status

On Ubuntu Server, run the below command.

# /etc/init.d/mysql status
mysql server status on ubuntumysql server status on ubuntu

2. Use mysqladmin utility

Another method to check, mysqladmin utility is used.

On CentOS 7,

# mysqladmin -u root -p status

On Ubuntu Server, same command will work.

mysql uptime outputmysql uptime output

If MySQL server is not running then it will through the error like below:

mysql server is not runningmysql server is not running

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You have perfectly learned how to check MySQL is running or not on the Linux server. For any feedback write in the below comment section.


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