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How to add a samba user on Ubuntu


Samba server used to share files between Linux and Windows OS. As in the earlier tutorial, I explained how to install samba server on Ubuntu and now we will create a samba user.

What is the need to create a samba user?? Users on a local system is not enough??

Ubuntu server has users account but they are not enough. Yes, they are not enough. Because the system is aware of the local users but Samba is not. For this, we need to create the samba user or we can say smb user.

Step 1: Add a new user or you can add existing user to a samba user. Here I am adding existing user ‘arun’.

 arun@arun-virtual-machine:~$sudo smbpasswd -a arun

Enter a password and retype the password again. It will display ‘added user name’.

add a smb useradd a smb user

Perfect !!! Samba user is successfully added on Ubuntu server.



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