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6 YUM Commands for Package Management

I want to search, install, remove a package. How can I ??

yum command linuxyum command linux

In this article, you will learn how to search a package, install and remove a package using the yum command. We will let you know the following commands in this article.

1. Search a Package
2. Install
3. Remove
4. Update
5. Package Information
6. Update Server

1. Package Search Using YUM

If you do not know the exact name of the package, you can use the following command to check the available package. For example we need to check the available package of httpd on the server.

 # yum search httpd
Search a package using yumSearch a package using yum

2. Install Package

For example, need to install vsftpd package on the server.

# yum install vsftpd
yum install a packageyum install a package

3. Remove Package

Remove a package from the CentOS server, run the below command.

# yum remove vsftpd
yum remove commandyum remove command

4. Update a Specific Package

If we want to update the specific package on the server, we can also do this by the yum command. For example, we need to update the vsftpd package on the server. Run this command:

# yum update vsftpd
yum update commandyum update command

If package is already latest version, then

5. Package information

To check the package version, size etc information, run the yum info command.

yum info commandyum info command

6. Update server

It’s always good to update the system with new versions of the packages and security updates.

# yum update
yum update all packages
yum update all packages


Perfect !!! In this article you learn, 6 yum commands for package management.


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