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3 Methods to Check Linux Server Uptime

I need to check my Linux server last turn off time. How can I??

Linux Server UptimeLinux Server Uptime

As a system administrator, it is more important for you to keep the eyes on the uptime of the Linux server. I will show you 3 methods to check Linux Server uptime. These 3 methods are:

1. Uptime
2. W
3. top

1. Uptime Command

Run uptime command on Linux distro to check the server uptime.

# uptime
Uptime command outputUptime command output

Use uptime command with switch -p to get output in pretty format.

# uptime -p
Uptime command with pretty formatUptime command with pretty format

2. W & TOP command Output also shows Server’s Uptime

The first line of w command output shows the Linux server uptime. Most commonly it is used to see how many users is logged on the server.

# w
W command outputW command output

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In the same way top command output also shows uptime. Mainly it is used to see the real time processes on the server.

# top
top command outputtop command output


You have perfectly learned 3 methods to check Linux server uptime. Feel free to write any feedback in the below comment box.


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