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Install Jenkins on Windows with the help of Screenshots

Step by step instructions are given to install Jenkins on Windows with the help of Snapshots


In this article step by step instructions are given to get started with Jenkins. As you know Jenkins is the DevOps testing tool. In this Jenkins tutorials, you will learn step by step how to install Jenkins on Windows operating system.

System Requirements

1. Java Development Kit (JDK) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE) needed.
2. 2 GB RAM

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Step 1: Download Jenkins on Windows

Visit the official website to download the Jenkins setup file for the Windows, Linux and MAC operating system. In this tutorial, we will install Jenkins on Windows system.

Step 2

Once you download the Jenkins setup, you will get a compressed file. As shown in the below screenshot.

Jenkins Setup
Download Jenkins Setup

Step 3

Extract the compressed file and run the installer.

Install Jenkins on Windows
Install Jenkins on Windows

Step 4

After installation, a web browser will open the following page.

Step 5

Next step is to copy the password from the above location and paste in the administrator password field. As shown in the above snapshot.

Step 6

Next, it will ask to install the suggested plugins or select plugins manually.

Now Jenkins will download and install the plugins.

Step 7

After installing the Jenkins plugins, next step is to create the admin user.

Step 8

The final step is to configure the Jenkins URL. The default port of Jenkins is 8080. But you can change it. Here, we are leaving it as default.

Now, Jenkins installation is completed. It is ready to fly.

Jenkins installed on Windows
Jenkins installed on Windows

Step 9

Below you can check the homepage of Jenkins. It is installed and ready to create new jobs.

Note: In some situation after sign in to Jenkins, a blank page comes. So now the question is how to fix Jenkins setup wizard blank page issue?

The answer is very simple, On Windows, simply open localhost:8080/safeRestart fixes the issue.


Conclusion: Congratulations!! you have successfully learned how to install Jenkins on Windows operating system.


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